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My role teaches me the skills necessary to drive change and lead projects within our community, which is crucial for the prosperity and development of our culture and community.

Can you tell us about your work?

I was keen to work in the banking sector and I feel lucky to have started my banking career with CommBank as a school-based trainee. When I joined the graduate program, I joined the digital team. I was naive – I thought it was my ‘forever job’ because of how much I enjoyed it. I later joined the product team and absolutely loved everything about it, especially accountability. Owning a product gave me the ability to shape the end-to-end experience for our customers. 

How did you get to your current position?

I was the product manager for personal loans. The opportunity for an acquisition manager came up and my general manager encouraged me to take it up. I’ve been in this role for ten months and I’m loving every moment! The best part about working with CommBank is the huge number of opportunities. There is potential to move laterally, upwards or diagonally into new areas.

Do you identify with a particular tribe or people?

I’m a Kuku-Yalanji and Goorimpul man from the Daintree Rainforest and Stradbroke Island in Queensland.

Have you faced any obstacles as First Nations student?

I think many First Nations students face obstacles at various stages of their career journey. For me, there were some who doubted my ability to complete my degree, whilst others made me feel I only got to where I am with ‘handouts’ for being First Nations. In reality, as First Nations Australian, I feel I’ve worked twice as hard to prove myself and avert reason for doubt. It’s sometimes hard to explain why I chose to work in banking because people can’t draw the connection between my role and how it helps to close the gap. But I believe my culture definitely drives what I want to do: help First Nations people understand how to manage their finances, secure their future and save for a rainy day. My role teaches me the skills necessary to drive change and lead projects within our community, which is crucial for the prosperity and development of our culture.

What was your CommBank interview process like?

The process was a bit daunting initially, especially knowing how many rounds I had to go through. In particular, the psychometric assessment had me confused, but I got through it. The video interview was pretty funny. I remember sitting in front of my laptop in a suit and tie with a set of boardies! The assessment centre was a lot of fun too, interacting and working with other grads. We were given a case study to work through with a deadline. It was exactly what my day-to-day work looks like now – busy, stimulating and fast-paced. My one-on-one interview was just a relaxed conversation.

Any final words of wisdom for students?

Always strive to improve, always give back, and find what you love and do it unapologetically.

We’re committed to offering meaningful careers for Australia’s First Peoples, including Internships and Graduate positions. Joining CommBank means joining a community where you’ll be supported professionally and personally.

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