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Insider tips to get a graduate job at Westpac

Jaymes Carr

Careers Commentator
We asked Westpac graduates for their insider tips on how you can secure a job at Westpac - here are their top four hints.

With more than 13 million customers and 1,429 branches across the country, Westpac is the second-largest of Australia’s ‘Big Four’ banks, and also the second-largest bank in New Zealand. It recruits graduates for roles in banking and finance, information technology, in-house law, consulting, accounting, and more. We asked Westpac graduate insiders for their top tips on how you can secure a job at Westpac - here are their top four hints below.

1. Get ready to demonstrate both your technical and interpersonal skills in a series of tests and interviews

What does it take to succeed at a Big Four bank? If Westpac’s application process is anything to go by, say our insiders, you’ll need a broad range of numerical, interpersonal, and logical skills. To determine whether or not you possess them, Westpac will likely expect you to complete a range of interviews, tests, and assessments. So be prepared for a lengthy application process. Secondly, even if you’re going for a position in which you might feel your technical skills are more important, don’t underestimate the value of showing that you can communicate effectively, even with people who might not understand the intricacies or jargon of your profession. Accordingly, our insiders reported that their interview questions covered a range of subjects designed to evaluate their financial literacy, technical aptitude, and personality.

“A lengthy process in which I was requested to perform many different activities. Initially it was an application with a number of short questions around prior experiences and behaviour. Following that process I performed an aptitude and another behavioural test. Following these tests, I performed a video interview. Lastly, I undertook the assessment centre where i performed individual tasks, group tasks and a final interview.”
- Graduate, Sydney

“As a graduate, the interview process was very intimidating but it was good in that it was an experience that let the right people shine. If you come in prepared, it will show.”
- Graduate, Sydney

“Online questionnaire and resume. 3 online tests - verbal, numerical and logical. Culture test. Online interview. Assessment center with 3 parts.”
- Entry level, Sydney

“Behavioural questions relating to leadership, teamwork etc., as well as specific technical questions regarding financial markets.”
- Graduate, Sydney

2. Work with, and not against, other applicants

According to our insiders, Westpac is a team-oriented organisation that focuses on hiring team-oriented individuals. This means that it’s not a good idea to try and succeed in group assessments by working against other applicants. Instead, show that you can achieve your goals by drawing on the skills of other candidates, using your leadership abilities to generate a solution that reflects the best of everybody involved. That’s what a team player does, and there are few better ways to stand out from the crowd.

“I think the interviews are all about composure. Remain calm, think straight and calmly about how your experiences can add value and yet consider broader perspectives. Consider other applicants as people to build on and work with instead of as a threat.”
- Graduate, Sydney

“There were a lot of culture-based questions, which made me feel a much stronger connection with the organisation.”
- Midlevel, Caringbah

3. Know Westpac’s values inside and out

Westpac is guided in all its operations by five core values: delighting customers, one team, integrity, courage, and achievement. So, when asked to discuss your professional or academic experience, it’s helpful to select examples that exemplify these values. You might have two equally impressive accomplishments—but which one demonstrated courage? Which one involved you achieving something new, unusual, or relevant?

“Learn Westpac's values. Think of different examples from your life that exemplify these values. Do not rely on examples from university and limit your discussions about group assignments.”
- Graduate, Sydney

“Align your responses to the values of Westpac. Research the company.”
- Graduate, Sydney

4. Be ready to show that you’ll make a good fit in Westpac’s workplace

Westpac has a ‘flat’ culture, which means that day-to-day interactions are governed less by a corporate hierarchy than a sense that everybody belongs to the same team—this is the value of ‘one team’ in practice. Once again, the best way to demonstrate that you’ll fit well within Westpac’s workplace is to show off your communication skills, your ability to make strong connections, and your willingness to help people out, or accept their help, in order to achieve a desirable outcome.

“The structure is relatively flat, and I feel confident and comfortable speaking with anybody up to the head of finance level. My team lives the value of 'one team'. Everybody is always there to answer any questions and provide support to other members of the team.”
- Graduate, Sydney

“There is great camaraderie in the workplace, everyone is social, friendly, approachable and buzzing, particularly in financial markets. Teamwork is extremely important here.”
- Graduate, Sydney

“There are several employee action groups and it doesn't feel too hierarchical. Some teams are more social than others.”
- Graduate, Sydney

Westpac is an industry leader offering a well established graduate program. To search for internships and graduate jobs at Westpac, visit our Westpac job search page at GradAustralia.