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Natty Srisomvong

6.15 AM

I usually get up at this time for a quick yoga or work out session before getting myself ready for work. By 8.15 I am at the train station catching the train to work. 

Findex Graduate Natty Srisomvong newpaper

8.45 AM

I arrive at my office. I quickly get my laptop set up ready for work. I usually go through my emails, calendar, and timesheet before I start working on any tasks. As a graduate, sometimes I may have to check with my manager with daily task priorities to make sure that I can complete my tasks before their deadlines. I usually have breakfast and start the first task at the same time. I always believe that a good day starts with a good breakfast.

Findex Graduate Natty Srisomvong at her desk

9.30 AM

The engagement I am working on right now has multiple entities under the one parent company. The due date of reporting back to the client is in the afternoon meeting, and I am preparing the PowerPoint slides for the meeting. 

11.30 AM

Coffee time, I go to the lunch area to make coffee with an espresso machine provided by the firm. My favourite coffee is a long black with a dash of almond milk. The coffee helps to freshen me up for the rest of the day.

1.00 PM

Lunchtime! Most of the time, I have prepared my lunch the night before. In our audit team, we usually come up and have lunch together in the lunchroom, unless it’s the busy season where we have lunch at our desks. During lunchtime, I usually catch up with my friends on all the interesting things they did or will do over the weekend.

Findex Graduate Natty Srisomvong with friends


3.00 PM

I have completed the PowerPoint for the afternoon meeting. My next task is to perform a test for a specific account for a different client. Before I start performing the test, I often take a look at the prior year workpapers if any, and understand the purpose of the test and the client's business for wider context.

Findex Graduate Natty Srisomvong discuss

6.00 PM

I have an informal meeting with my manager as an update on work progress I have made today, and what I have found from the test performed earlier. I also inform her if I am making any inquiries with the client for the audit engagement. If I have raised questions during the testing, I would ask my manager at this time too.

Findex Graduate Natty Srisomvong meeting with manager

6.45 PM

I pack up my stuff ready to head home for the day. I am always thinking of what I will be cooking for dinner tonight and tomorrow's lunch. As I live close to the office, at 7.45 pm I’m ready to have dinner and watch TV before bedtime.

10.30 PM

I am in bed by this time. I do some quick meditation before bed to help me get my mind off work and get a good sleep.